Caribbean Credit Bureau

Useful information about creditworthiness

under observance of the

privacy principles of the consumer

Caribbean Credit Bureau ("CCB") operates in the Caribbean since 2004 and is an initiative of CCB International Holdings Ltd., an independent service provider to credit bureaus which is established in the British Virgin Islands.  The holding has as its objective to provide participating jurisdictions with knowledge and advice and to make available an advanced technology platform to operate a professional credit bureau.

The affiliates in the various jurisdictions operate using their own legal structure while making use of the knowledge and infrastructure provided by CCB International Holding Ltd. All affiliates of Caribbean Credit Bureau are able to make use of data exchange between the jurisdictions, provided the members agree to data exchange and to the extend it is permissible by law.  This integration between the jurisdictions provides valuable information to participating jurisdictions where there is frequent movement of residents. 

CCB works closely with the local bankers associations and other prominent institutions such as the chamber of commerce in the respective jurisdictions.  The objective is to provide access to reliable and carefully protected information to banks and merchants issuing consumer credit. Caribbean Credit Bureau offers positive (total credit exposure) as well as negative information, noting that positive information will only be made accessible to credit institutions that are under supervision of the local central bank.

CCB offers useful information to its members in support of their efforts to reduce consumer credit risk. Besides that, CCB helps to protect consumers of becoming a victim of over-crediting by credit issuing institutions. 

CCB requires that members in all participating jurisdictions adhere to all privacy laws and guidelines and to allow consumer the right to object and correct erroneous information.  CCB promotes the installation of local arbitration committees in each jurisdiction to give the consumers a formal body to appeal to in case of disagreements about privacy and procedures.

CCB is an associate member of ACCIS (Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers). For more information: