Caribbean Credit Bureau

Mission & Vision


At CCB our mission is:

1) to assist the participating members in their credit approval process by providing objective and factual information obtained from members;
2) to contribute to the prevention of over-crediting of consumers
3) to adhere to high standards of privacy protection in accordance with local laws and guidelines
4) to the extent there is no conflict of interest with local laws, to adhere as closely as possible to the EU Directive on personal data protection.

We collect data for the sole purpose of sharing back to our members who have an interest in such information for making credit decisions.

We are committed to:

• Information accuracy and data integrity and protection
• Moral and ethical data-handling standards
• Customer-oriented service
• Credibility in our operations
• Consumer education with respect to our purpose and way of operating

We are committed to providing world-class service to our members and all consumers and will protect all data from unauthorized and unintended use.