Caribbean Credit Bureau



CCB makes use of modern technology that allows members and consumers to access CCB's Online Registry securely with effective operating procedures surrounding the use of the system. CCB has engaged a professional assurance audit firm to perform an assurance audit surrounding the integrity and reliability of the systems and procedures of CCB in accordance with the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE 3000/SOC2). Planned date to obtain the certification is in the first quarter of 2014.

The system design of CCB's Online Registry focuses on data and privacy protection of consumers using advanced sign-in protocols and requires to enter several personal information before a consumer can be identified in the system. There is a full audit trail of all user activity.

The personal data of consumers stored in CCB's Online Registry is only made available to authorized users of subscribing members and is limited to disclosure of data elements in accordance with CCB's intended purposes.  Naturally, consumers also have the right to get a copy of their Credit Report at any time.

CCB's Online Registry has the capability to share data between databases in various countries, allowing authorized users to get a full profile of a consumer in one combined Credit Report.

System details enhancing the security and reliability of CCB's Online Registry include: 


  • A modern web-based interface
  • Cloud-based technology and data storage with instantaneous on-going back-up to multiple locations
  • Authorized user authentication using user ID, password and verification code for each login
  • Multiple layers of user access protection
  • Auto expiration of login session after lapse of time with no user activity
  • IP restrictions per user to limit access locations
  • SSL issued by VeriSign Class 3 International Server CA - G3
  • 128-bit SSL TLS 1.0 connection encryption (SHA-1 with RSA Encryption)
  • XML data interface technology 
  • Full audit trail logging of all sign-ins and actions performed