Caribbean Credit Bureau



CCB respects the interests and rights of consumers in accordance with the applicable privacy laws and the General Rules of CCB.  As a data processor, CCB does not enter data in the system with the exception of publicly available information.  CCB is responsible of the collection, collation and sharing of data in a controlled environment.  Data is submitted to the system by the members of CCB who are responsible for the accuracy of that information.

CCB is committed towards the following objectives:

  1. Secure data collection from members
  2. Secure data storage
  3. Secure data access procedures
  4. Proper use by authorized users limiting the use to intended purposes
  5. Transparency in operations towards consumers
  6. Right of consumers to obtain their own Credit Report
  7. Rights and procedures in case errors must be corrected

A consumer may be confronted at some point that a lender or merchant may limit or deny credit and informing the consumer that the credit score of the consumer is not good enough in the opinion of the bank or merchant to issue (additional) credit.

It is know that consumers have internationally become victims of over-crediting.  CCB helps in preventing over-crediting by allowing credit-issuing institutions to see the history of consumers before extending the credit.