Caribbean Credit Bureau

Credit Reports


CCB compiles the information available on a consumer in a consumer Credit Report, which is a comprehensive record of the consumer’s credit related information and history compiled from different credit providers.

Member that subscribe to CCB typically check a consumer’s credit report to assess the creditworthiness of the consumer prior to making a decision. A good Credit Report will make it easier for the consumer to obtain credit and to qualify for loans.

Consumers have full access to obtain their Credit Report so they are aware of any information that is registered on their Credit Report.  

CCB contributes to a more competitive credit marketplace among the credit providers. Credit Bureaus have shown internationally to cause responsible consumers to obtain faster and more competitive services from the credit providers.


View Sample Credit Reports as available to Consumers       -Sample Credit Report Consumer-

View Sample Credit Reports as available to Bank Members  -Sample Credit Report Bank Member-

View Sample Credit Reports as available to Retail Members -Sample Credit Report Retail Member-