Caribbean Credit Bureau

Negative Data


Negative Data (defaults on credits) indicates a shortcoming or unfavorable occurrence relating to the consumer which could be of importance for a new or existing lender.

CCB has a comprehensive database of Negative Data which it has collected from its members over the last 10 years.

Examples of negative data include:

  • defaults (non-payment of a debt);
  • payment arrangements with the lenders or authorities such as the tax collection office
  • debt restructuring and management arrangements
  • court judgements and bankruptcies;
  • charge-offs (debt that is written off);
  • arrears (debt accrued after missing a payment);
  • late payments;
  • bounced checks
  • fraud

CCB is currently registering a number of the above-listed negative data components but not each of them.  

CCB is currently planning to add more data elements of Negative Data to its services.