Caribbean Credit Bureau


Caribbean Credit Bureau provides the following services as data processor for its members based on the agreements between the members and CCB and other guiding documents such as the General Rules and the Code of Conduct. 

Under the terms of those documents, CCB is responsible to:

- provide an accessible platform which is periodically updated
- arrange for secured back-up and business continuity measures
- promote its services among credit issuing institutions
- maintain relationships with other credit bureaus
- provide training to users of the members
- to establish a code of conduct among members and promote adherence to the code
- ensure state-of-the art security protocols surrounding the system
- help prevent any unauthorized access and use of private data
- ensure compliance with laws and regulations by CCB
- promote compliance with laws and regulations by all members
- sound data management process and procedures
- to establish interfaces for data collection purposes
- allow data sharing (for intended purposes only)
- address consumer's rights in accordance with the laws and good governance principles
- be instrumental in dispute resolution concerning CCB matters
- maintain relationship with members and other data sources
- maintain market and media relations,
- provide staffing and organization of CCB